children1 to 14
cancer is leading cause of death

cancer will be leading cause of death in U.S. for all ages

$180 billion
overall annual cost of cancer in U.S.

1.4 million
new cases of cancer every year in U.S.

4 million
new cases of cancer in major countries worldwide

5 million
people living with cancer in U.S.

Americans die of cancer every year
Long before a telltale lump is felt and before a tumor is visible on an imaging scan, its cells release and present small fragments of proteins on their surfaces for recognition by the immune system. Because they are unique to the tumor cells, these protein fragments—biomarkers of that specific cancer—hold keys to developing highly specific and reliable molecular tests that detect the cancer at earlier stages, when it is most treatable, as well as associated treatments that precisely target and destroy the cancer.

At A&G Pharmaceutical, we're ushering in a more personalized approach to the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases by harnessing the power of antibodies to selectively recognize and latch on to the specific cell-surface biomarkers that distinguish diseased cells from normal cells. Using the tumor-specific biomarkers as targets, we are engineering a new generation of therapeutics that selectively strike the causes of tumor growth, while concurrently developing FDA-approved “companion” diagnostic tests that reliably reveal the specific cancer long before it reveals itself, identify patients that will respond to the associated targeted therapy, predict recurrence, and monitor response to treatment.

Our lead drug/test products in development target breast cancer based on a unique biomarker known as GP88, or progranulin (GP88/PGRN), which is produced by breast cancer tumors and is used to help the cancer grow and proliferate. In clinical studies, GP88 has been shown to consistently identify more than 80% of breast cancers—a level significantly higher than any currently available method—and has the potential to detect a number of other cancers from blood samples and tissue biopsies. We are currently focused on a near-term opportunity to complete development of and commercialize two GP88-based breast cancer diagnostic test kits to improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. Concurrent with development of GP88 diagnostic kits, A&G is aggressively pursuing development of an associated anti-GP88 monoclonal antibody therapeutic. In addition, the company is expanding its pipeline by screening for monoclonal antibodies that recognize ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and lung cancer.

A&G’s scientific leadership includes world-leading researchers in the fields of cell biology, immunology, and growth factor research, and the company has broad expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry, providing a solid foundation for engineering new drug/test products that improve cancer detection, treatment, patient survival, and outcomes and deliver on the promise of personalized cancer care.
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